Group Lessons

I offer group classes for hammered dulcimer at my house in Silver Spring, MD.

    Most meet on on Saturdays with this format:
  • The Morning Session (9:30-11:30 am) focuses on chords, chord drills and accompaniment.
  • The Afternoon Session (12:30-2:00 p.m.) works on an arrangement of the same tune.
  • In between is an optional Vegetarian Potluck Luncheon.
  • Music is posted in advance via Dropbox. Students are encouraged to learn the basic melody (or at least get it in your head) before the class.
  • Email Karen at for questions/ registration.

COST: With advanced payment, classes are $30/half day or $55 if you attend both sessions on the same day. They are $35/$60 if you pay at the workshop. .

Cancellations: If you must cancel (with a reasonable lead time), you can apply the money towards a private lesson.

WINTER-Spring 2017 Group Class Schedule:

  • Sat, Jan 28 - Fire in the Hearth, a drop dead gorgeous air by Sue Richards to warm winter nights!. 
    • Morning Session: Chords patterns and styles of accompanying airs.
    • Afternoon Session: An arrangement of the tune.

  • Sat, Feb 18 - Planting in Winter by Andrea Hoag.
      This A minor waltz will help you get through the winter months with a pensive A Part and a soaring B Part that goes into the Relative Major.
    • Morning Session: Chords and accompaniment.
    • Afternoon Session: An arrangement of the tune.

  • Sat, March 11 - Irish month- Irish reels!
      Using the engaging Carna Reel by Dave Munnelly, we will look at ornamentation and 2 completely different harmonization approaches to this reel in E Dorian or D, spending most to the time away from the Tonic (I) Chord.
    • Morning Session: Chords and accompaniment.
    • Afternoon Session: Ornamentations and variations.

  • Sat, April 22 - Elegant Marches
    Advanced Beginner-Intermediate
      We'll do 2 elegant marches – Greg Canote's "Obama's March to the White House" to honor our great president and “Eagle's Whistle - a very old clan march found in several Celtic cultures. There’s a wonderful rendition (slightly different than the melody I am teaching from Alan Henderson. I will teach the tunes in the workshop
    • Morning Session: Obama's March to the White House
    • Afternoon Session: Eagle's Whistle.

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